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Types of Therapy


Family Therapy

Many families have a lot of challenges. The whole family is brought together and given a voice. I teach techniques on how to communicate effectively, how to respect one another and how to problem solve.


Marriage Counseling

Couples are seen together and at times, separately. I give couples a neutral ground to come together and be able to communicate. I incorporate the 5 C's of marriage: Clear, concise, consistent, courteous, communication.


Postpartum Depression

Depression alone can be quite challenging, but throw a new baby and the changes in your body and it can be very overwhelming. I can help women be able to deal with the depression, mood swings or the lack of interest and give them tools to overcome the challenges of having a new baby can present. See my article for more information or go to helpguide.org.


Parenting Therapy

Are the kids out of control? Does discipline seem to be not working anymore?  Kids can be a challenge especially with more children being diagnosed with ADHD and ADD. I can offer alternative discipline to help you with parenting issues.


Sexuality and Sexual Issues

Sexuality issues can be a struggle for many, especially in adolescents and young adulthood. There is a lot of fears, shame, misunderstanding and myths to overcome. Sexual Issues happen to all ages, it not just for the aging. Couples can have a lot of stress in their life, which affects their ability to feel sexual toward their partners. See my article on Sexuality for a more detailed description.


Individual Therapy

Are you currently dealing with stress, anxiety, depression or any challenges that may overwhelm you? I offer individual therapy to help you build on the strengths you already have and build new ones.